Prior to the purchase of a property, clients are advised by their solicitor or bank to have a pre-purchase survey completed on the property.  A survey report reviews the general condition of a dwelling and highlights any problems that may arise. Survey Reports can affect the asking price of a property if a large volume of remedial/ repair work is required to be done. The report that we will prepare will typically be 25-35 pages long and will consist of key points or issues of interest or concern and pictures to emphasise the same. 

We conduct surveys and produce reports from as little as €300. The reports are normally turned around in 3-4 working days from the date of the survey. We can also prepare next day surveys reports for an additional fee.

Our survey reports typically comment on;

- Location                                                   - weather conditions                                    - Type and age of property                                   - Accommodation 

- Outbuildings and parking            - Grounds and boundary                           - Garages and outbuildings                                  - Building history   

- Roof Exterior and coverings        - Chimney stacks and flues                     - Gutters and downpipes                                        - Main walls              

- External joinery and glazing       - External decoration                                   - Internal walls                                                               - Floors                         

- Ceilings                                                     - Roof spaces                                                     - Fireplaces, flues and chimney breasts      - Internal joinery    

- Internal decoration                           - Ventilation                                                       - Dampness (if any)                                                    - Services                   

- Problematic Materials                    - Environmental Hazards                            - Summary of advice                                                - Overall Opinion  

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